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January 26, 2017

American Airlines is keeping up with the retail Joneses. Last week, the company announced that “it will begin selling Basic Economy fares in addition to the wide range of Main Cabin fares currently offered. These no-frills tickets provide a simple and affordable way to...

December 8, 2016

There’s more information available than ever before, but its accuracy hasn’t kept up with its volume. Part of the reason for this is social media has facilitated the spread of misinformation. Fake news websites that mislead people with sensational headlines pop up dail...

August 8, 2016

It is always amusing to me to read doomsday predictions of existing products when newer, (especially) digital products hit the market. Headlines such as 2010s “The Physical Book is Dead in 5 Years” fail to take into account multiple dimensions of product usage. They fo...

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At Wiser Marketing Group, insights are our business, and we learn about consumer behavior every day. Sometimes that learning is industry specific and is only relevant in a particular category. These insights are often conditional.


Other times, insights on consumer behavior are universally applicable as they have more to do with our nature than our relationship to a specific industry or shopping occasion.  These are the insights that really matter because they are often habitual and innate. Understanding this behavior provides our greatest opportunity.


Classic literature provides a wealth of knowledge in understanding the human condition. We aim to share an insight a day via Twitter (@wiserinsights), and the sources will live here.


Of the many inputs to decoding consumer behavior that we employ, classic literature and understanding the way things have been done throughout history have remained invisible. Until now. 



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